Description of the flycaptain school & private lesson

Take your Flyboard, Hoverboard by ZR, JetPack ZR skills to the next level with the Flycaptain Flyboard school and the FlyParkon the French Riviera in Golfe-Juan, between Cannes and Antibes. Flyboard club, nautical base and leisure, dedicated to the activity flyboard (ESH) hydropropulsed lifting gear. To go to the higher level, more than just a Flyboard initiation, a training course, a special course with the vice-champion of Europe and vice-world champion Flyboard 2016, Steve. The Flyboard Club is open all year round including in winter. Private lessons must be booked at least 48 hours in advance.

Discover accessories only available at the FlyCaptain Flyboard Club like the FLYPAD, Take-off and landing like the Flyboard Air style! From beginner to professional, the FlyCaptain school is definitely the place for all fans of extreme sports and jetski on the French Riviera.

Private Flyboard lesson with the vice-champion of Europe and vice-world champion 2016 (2 Riders at the same time). Flyboard Pro Rider training course.

. Learn how to assemble, disassemble and take care of its equipment.
. Fly with professional riders in the TOP 10 World rankings (2 Riders at the same time).
. Introduction to the use of the EMK (wireless remote control). (From Level 1 to Level 5).
. Learn to control the board at different altitude and power
. Begin to make tricks like dolphin, spins, spins, simple back flip ... (The tricks are adjusted according to your physical abilities and improvements).
. Review of each session with the vice-world champion
. Viewing slow motion videos and drone views to help you correct errors and improve your skills
. Learn with the vice world champion as he performs the figures in front of you. Double and Triple rotations, spins and spins at maximum speed and much more.

Flyboard school with the best private trainer

. Arrived at the Flyboard club in Golfe-Juan. Registration and choice of nautical activities: Flyboard Pro Series, Flyboard Legend, Hoverboard by ZR, JetPack Zapata-Racing
. Wear the equipment: suit, helmet, lifejacket
. Join the FLYPARK nautical base on the port camille rayon at the launch paddock
. Get your jet ski and flyboard equipment into the water
. Briefing with Steve
. The French Riviera Flyboard session in Golfe-Juan begins
. 2 sessions of 30 minutes
. You must operate in the FLYPARK area only
. Communication with Steve with the technology BBtalkin bluetooth headsets
. On the program: diving dolphin front and back, spin rotations, fly at over 10m height, back flip
. A instructors watch and ensures safety throughout the private course on a safety boat around the FlyPark
. Video recording of your Flyboard session
. Back to the shop for viewing videos and tips

Equipement to bring:
. Your Jet Ski and Flyboard Equipment
. Your wetsuit, lifejacket, helmet
. Swimwear - Swim shorts (men and women)
. Spare dry clothes
. Camera type GoPro.

Jetski is not included in the private training sessions. You need to use your jetski or we can propose an optional one-hour rental. Jetski Seadoo RXPX 300 (with dual impeller): 100 euros / hour (Gasoline not included)

The board Flyboard, Hoverboard or JetPack ZR, the hose and the remote control is not included in the rental, most riders own their boards. Rent a Legend Flyboard, Flyboard Pro Series, Hoverboard ZR or JetPack ZR for 100 euros per hour in addition to the private course fees.

Make your online booking on Flycaptain and discover the best-kept secrets and tips to make breathtaking tricks at the Flycaptain Flyboard school on the French Riviera. In group or individual lessons, we provide a particular intensive course and guaranteed results.

Coming to the port of Camille Rayon in Golfe Juan at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time. Leave most valuables, jewelry at home however there will be a place to keep your non valuable items, keys etc at the shop.


. 5 hours of flight time equipment included (Jet ski + Flyboard, Hoverboard, JetPack with ZR EMK Remote) 600 euros TTC
. 10 hours of flight time equipment included (Jet ski + Flyboard, Hoverboard, JetPack ZR EMK Remote) 1000 euros TTC
(Gasoline is not included)


You will NOT be able to ride if you are intoxicated or impaired in any way even if it is from a doctor prescribed drug. You must sign a statement to that effect.

You will be given instructions on what to do, and probably more importantly, what NOT to do. If you do not follow these instructions and act in a manner that would endanger yourself, our employees or anyone else, the ride will end and you will be asked to leave with no refund given. This is a very safe activity if you follow the instructions.

In the case of bad or expected bad weather, please call us that morning at +33661223222 for instructions. LEAVE A MESSAGE if we cannot pick up. We will make every attempt to call you if there is any reason we will be unable to fly that day - make sure you can be reached at the number you leave on your reservation. If we are there and you are not, and you have not contacted us, you will lose 100% of your payment. If weather does not permit us to perform as agreed, 100% of your payment will be refunded or you may rebook at your convenience. DO NOT BE LATE or you may have to forfeit some of your flight time or be squeezed into a later time slot, time permitting.

Cancellation Policy - 100% refunded if YOU SPEAK TO SOMEONE not just leave a message so that the cancellation can be confirmed at least 48 hours in advance. 50% will be refunded if this happens between 24 - 48 hours in advance. No refunds will be given within 24 hours unless due to a documented medical condition or emergency. We are very reasonable so contact us with extenuating circumstances, but you must understand that when you make a reservation that keeps another paying customer from being able to fly that day, so we expect that you will be there.

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French Riviera Water Toys, B19 Port Camille Rayon, Golfe-Juan, French Riviera, France. Flyboard Cannes, Flyboard Antibes.

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