Achieve your ultimate dreams of flight in one extreme experience! Discover the FLYPARK® a unique place to enjoy hydrosports such as the Flyboard®, Hoverboard®, JetPacks, JetBoards during your visit on the French Riviera with professional and official Instructors and the world best riders. Swim, dive like a dolphin and fly like a super hero!

Discover unique accessories only available at our place such as the FLYPAD®, Take off and land like the FLYBOARD AIR ! From beginner to professional FLYCAPTAIN is definitely THE spot not to miss this summer for all the hydrosports fans to enjoy a great day.

We are based in the south of France. Location: Golfe Juan (French Riviera, between Cannes and Juan les pins). You can book online a Flyboard, Hoverboard or Jet Pack session with one of the best instructor for these sports.

Choose from a 30 or 40 minutes session and make a reservation up to 15 persons.

What is included ? What you should bring ?

. Choice of your Flying machine: Flyboard ® Pro Series, Flyboard ® Legend, Hoverboard or JetPack
. Course with a dedicated personal Instructor
. Wetsuit, Helmet, Life Jacket
. Towel
. Mineral Water

What you should bring to your flight:

. Swim attire - Everyone (male and female) is required to wear shorts.
. Dry Clothes to change into
. Your GoPro camera

Be at the meeting point (French Riviera Water Toys - 89 avenue des frères Roustan - Port Camille Rayon - in Golfe Juan) at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled time. You should leave most jewelry at home. There will be a secure place at our store to keep your valuables.


To fly you must be at least 16 years of age. Shoe size must be between Men's size 6 - 13. Weight cannot exceed 350 pounds.

You will be required to wear a helmet and life jacket during the flight. We provide sizes from S to XL. If you cannot fit into these, please bring your own. Call +33661223222 with any questions .

You will NOT be able to ride if you are intoxicated or impaired in any way even if it is from a doctor prescribed drug. You must sign a statement to that effect.

You will be given instructions on what to do, and probably more importantly, what NOT to do. If you do not follow these instructions and act in a manner that would endanger yourself, our employees or anyone else, the ride will end and you will be asked to leave with no refund given. This is a very safe activity if you follow the instructions.


In the case of bad or expected bad weather, please call us that morning at +33661223222 for instructions. LEAVE A MESSAGE if we cannot pick up. We will make every attempt to call you if there is any reason we will be unable to fly that day - make sure you can be reached at the number you leave on your reservation. If we are there and you are not, and you have not contacted us, you will lose 100% of your payment. If weather does not permit us to perform as agreed, 100% of your payment will be refunded or you may rebook at your convenience. DO NOT BE LATE or you may have to forfeit some of your flight time or be squeezed into a later time slot, time permitting.

Cancellation Policy - 100% refunded if YOU SPEAK TO SOMEONE not just leave a message so that the cancellation can be confirmed at least 48 hours in advance. 50% will be refunded if this happens between 24 - 48 hours in advance. No refunds will be given within 24 hours unless due to a documented medical condition or emergency. We are very reasonable so contact us with extenuating circumstances, but you must understand that when you make a reservation that keeps another paying customer from being able to fly that day, so we expect that you will be there.

Book online, select your date, time, and fill all the informations below to see the price. Then add it to your shopping cart.