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(unforgettable, amazing and exciting)
Looking for something exciting and breath taking for your next event, exhibition, competition, show or party? Flycaptain team with one of the best flyboarder in the world Damone Rippy can bring unforgettable appearance and make your attendees, guests, friends amazed.

As long as there is sea, ocean, river, or lake our team flyboarders can fly higher than 15 meters above the water, do dives like dolphins, spin, flip, dance and give LIVE superhero performance that will stay in audience’s memory forever!
Would you like to try something exciting while cruising in Mediterranean sea this summer?

Do you have birthday coming up, some other occasion or you just want to try the new amazing trendy water sport with your friends or family?

Flycaptain is ready to make your day unforgettable and transforms you, your friend and familly into flying superheroes.

We come at the mooring of your Yacht using our Flycaptain boat equipped with the latest luxury water toys from Zapata Racing.
vip school
Back to school with Flycaptain to learn or improve your skills on the Flyboard, Hoverboard and Jet Pack with one of the best rider in the world Damone Rippy.

Book your reservation online on Flycaptain website and come get the best secret and tips to execute amazing tricks at the Flycaptain school in the south of France this 2015 summer. From group to individual lesson and special requests, Flycaptain will take care of you in the best condition by providing a top notch private lesson with guaranteed results.

Come fly with us now !
Achieve your ultimate dreams of flight in one extreme experience! Discover the FLYPARK® a unique place to enjoy hydrosports such as the Flyboard®, Hoverboard®, JetPacks, JetBoards during your visit on the French Riviera with professional and official Instructors and the world best riders. Swim, dive like a dolphin and fly like a super hero!

Discover unique accessories only available at our place such as the FLYPAD®, Take off and land like the FLYBOARD AIR ! From beginner to professional FLYCAPTAIN is definitely THE spot not to miss this summer for all the hydrosports fans to enjoy a great day with friends or family.