The FlyCaptain | Zapata Racing Hoverboard® Lexicon explain in details the key terms in Hoverboarding. Having a hard time figuring out Hoverboard® jargon? We made it easy to understand for everyone. Feel free to contribute to our Zapata Racing Hoverboard® Lexicon by adding your own terms if they are not present yet. So it helps our community.



Backflip (trick)

In order to do the backflip, you must make sure that the bindings are firmly strapped on and you are secure on the board. First, you must bring the board up like you are going to do a corkscrew and instead of grabbing the board you have to elevate upwards and then when you feel you are high enough you must throw the back flip like you throw it on the hoverboard®.

Board grab (trick)

For this trick you are to lift the board up and try to bring it around you backwards while grabbing the middle of the board on the front of your body making it easier to land the trick.


Corkscrew no hand (trick)

Corkscrew with no hand is very simple do to, instead of grabbing the board to do a corkscrew you do the same exact thing you would do with grabbing the board except not grabbing the board.

Corkscrew 360 (trick)

As you lift your lead foot upward you are to grab the board and bring it in as close to you as possible so then you are elevating upward and then you turn backwards and bring the board with you.

Carving (trick)

Carving is very very easy, all you have to do is make sure you have enough purpulsion to lift you upwards but still hover over the water and then you are to start moving your forward foot side to side, carving through the water.



Person on the PWC

Double corkscrew 720 (trick)

This is like the single corkscrew except now you have to hold after the first spin instead of letting go and trying to land.


Electronic Management Kit (EMK)

The Electronic Management Kit is an add-on that allows the Flyboard® Hoverboard® by ZR user remotely control the throttle for your Personal Watercraft. With the Electronic Management Kit, there is no need for another user to operate the PWC. 


Flyboard® Shows by ZR

Authorized Flyboard® shows all over the world organized by Zapata Racing

Front flip (trick)

On this flip you have to grab the board first and then bring it up to start elevating but this one is more complicated because you are to turn forwards instead of backwards so it takes some time to get used to.



Riding with the right foot in front instead of the left foot which is the normal stance


Hoverboard® by ZR

The Hoverboard® by ZR is a mix between a surf board a skate board that attaches to a personal watercraft (PWC) that gives the Hoverboard by ZR propulsion through air. It can be referred to as a water jetpack. Invented in 2014 by Franky Zapata, french businessman, inventor, and builder of Hoverboard® by ZR.

Hoverboard® by ZR Kit

The Hoverboard® by ZR® kit is composed by the following elements:
  • 1 BOARD
  • 1 180°ELBO
  • Hoverboard by ZR Connector
  • Hose swivel

Heel Side Edge

Hoverboard® side where your heels are on



The front part of the hoverboard®


Quick Nozzle

The Quick Nozzle adapter kit system developed to convert from Flyboard® use to normal PWC in a few seconds without any tool.

Quadruple corkscrew 1440 (trick)

A lot like the 1080 you just keep holding and rotating till you feel yourself coming out of the fourth spin your bring your feet down and you land.



Regular stance indicates the left foot leading. This stance is less commonly called "natural".


Toe Side Edge

Hoverboard® side where your toes are on

Triple corkscrew 1080 (trick)

Just keep holding and rotating backwards to not only do two spins, but three spins and then when you feel yourself coming out of the third spin try to bring your feet down to land.