The FlyCaptain | Zapata Racing Flyboard® Lexicon explain in details the key terms in Flyboarding. Having a hard time figuring out Flyboard® jargon? We made it easy to understand for everyone. Feel free to contribute to our Zapata Racing Flyboard® Lexicon by adding your own terms if they are not present yet. So it helps our community.


Back flip layout (tricks)

Must be higher than 18 feet. This trick is very simple, all you have to do is get to a very high position on the Flyboard®, I usually go from the maximum hight and all you have to do from there is throw a simple back flip. It is scary at first but once you land it, it could be the most exciting trick you throw.

Bonzi side flip (tricks)

The way I do my side flip is kind of unique to me because I developed my own way of doing it but basically all you have to do is throw your head to the side that you flip and your body should follow. Just keep practicing at it, everyone has their own type of style of flying so just throw your head to the side and drop your body as violent as you can that should do the trick.

Back flip (tricks)

To do the back flip all you have to do is get high enough to wear you feel comfortable and then you must drop your upper body and pull your body tight so that your feet come around with your head and you land a clean, tight, backflip. Make sure that you are doing an ACTUAL backflip, not just throwing your head to the side and thinking that youre doing it right. Make sure that your entire body is flipping backwards. But, make sure that you are also flipping just a little bit to the outside so that you don’t flip straight intot the hose cause hitting the hose feels like slamming into a brick wall……. It hurts.

Back to back (flip)

Double back flip with a pause. In order to do this trick you must go just as high or you can be even a little bit lower then you were for the double backflip in order to throw this. All you have to do is shoot straight up and throw one backflip, land that backlfip and then as fast as you can, throw the second flip. This trick helps beginners learn the basics of a double.


Corkscrews 720 (tricks)

These are one of the hardest to teach because it's more of what the body is comfortable with. But, to do a corkscrew, you must start elevating yourself and as you are elevating, lift your right knee up and push your left leg down and that should start you to move in circles and therefore do a corkscrew. Remember, you must be elevating while holding your knee up in order to do a real corkscrew. If you are not elevating then you will not be able to do a corkscrew and you will just loop the hose and kink it up.

Corkscrews 1080 (trick)

This is the same as the 720 BUT you are adding in one more spin. So, that means that you need more power from the jetski to go higher and faster while you spin. Remember that in order to successfully complete a corkscrew, you must be elevating as you are spinning.


Dual Impeller

Dual Drive Impellers are specifically designed for use with the Flyboard® Hoverboard® by ZR. This purpose designed main drive 4 blade impeller and Inducer impeller will increase thrust and performance without the cavitation and vibration seen with stock or other after market impellers. Less vibrations make for a much more enjoyable and controllable ride.


Official seller of Zapata Racing products. Full list can be found on Zapata Racing site.

Double back flip (tricks)

The way I do doubles is simple, i circle the jetski very close for about 1 to 2 circles and then I shoot straight up and when im a bout 15-20 ft. Above the water and throw the double as tight and fast as I can. You just have to trust in yourself to throw the double and land it. 

Dolphin dive (tricks)

All you have to do for this trick is dive into the water and as soon as you dive into the water, arch your back and slap your feet underneath you to pull the board underneath you so you can stand back up.

Double back flip grab (tricks)

This is the same technique as the double backflip except you just grab the board while you flip.

Double back flip to spin (tricks)

Must be at least 720-1080's. In order to do this trick you must do all the steps for the double backflip and after you and the double backflip you must immediately start your corkscrews.(try to limit the pause In the transition of the two tricks) This is a very complicated trick because you must figure out how to not kink the hose and cause your hose to not swivel out. It takes a couple tries and it may be hard a frustrating at times but just remember that once you nail the trick you will be so happy that you didn’t give up.


Elbow Unit

One of the components of Flyboard® or Hoverboard® kit. “U” shaped pipe which reverses the PWC water outlet of 180°.



A Flyboard® is a type of water jetpack attached to a personal water craft (PWC) which supplies propulsion to drive the Flyboard® through air and water to perform a sport known as flyboarding. A Flyboard® rider stands on a board connected by a long hose to a watercraft. Water is forced under pressure to a pair of boots with jet nozzles underneath which provide thrust for the rider to fly up in the air or to dive headlong through the water.

Flyboard® Kit

Basic Flyboard® composition which consist of:
  • 1 BOARD
  • 1 ROTATION SYSTEM (composed of specific plastic bearing and a self-cleaning system)
  • 1 SUPPLY HOSE which provides pressured water from the PWC to the Flyboard®
  • 180° ELBOW which reverses the PWC water outlet
  • 1 NOZZLE
  • 1 QUICK CLIP for an easy uncoupling between the Flyboard® and the PW

Franky Zapata

Franky Zapata is the inventor of Flyboard® and Hoverboard® by ZR and founder of Zapata Racing, based in Marseille, France. Zapata first came into the spotlight as a jetski racer and received the title of RUN F1 World Champion. After many years in manufacturing jetskis, he invented the Flyboard®. Through this invention, Zapata mixed all his passions in one product.

Flyboard® World Cup

Every year Zapata Racing gathers the best riders from all over the world for a Flyboard® Freestyle competition

Flyboard® Family

Facebook group created exclusively for Flyboard® and Hoverboard® lovers

Flyboard® Family Weekend

Annual event for Flyboard® Family

Flyboard® Bindings

Basic Flyboard® kit provides bindings specially designed by Zapata Racing. However other binding for example wake boarding shoes can be used on Flyboard® too.

Flyboard® Pro Rider

Rider that has enough experience to compete in competitions and ride with EMK  (does not need a pilot on the jet ski)

Flying backwards (tricks)

In order to perform Flying backwards, Tail walking, Backwards control you must start flying upwards and then situate the board to where you are flying backwards. In order to maintain flying backwards you must put the right amount of pressure on your heels and toes. It is all about how you fly and then that will allow you to fly backwards at your own pace.


g force

(with g from gravitational) is a measurement of the type of acceleration that is caused by mechanical contact-forces between object surfaces, and that indirectly causes weight.

Grab back flip (trick)

This is the same as the regular backflip except you are grabbing the board. Make sure that you grab the board either before you preform the flip, or as you are throwing the flip.



Supply hose which provides pressured water from the PWC to the Flyboard®

Hose X-Power

The X-Power Hose is a larger diameter and is thicker & more durable than the Standard Hose

Huge dolphin dive (trick)

This trick is the same as the Dolphin dive excpect you must be 25 ft. or higher while throwing it.


Infinity flip (tricks)

Infinity flip.


Jet pack

Jet pack, rocket belt, rocket pack and similar names are used for various types of devices, usually worn on the back, that are propelled by jets of escaping gases (or in some cases water) to let a single user propel themselves into the air or fly.


Missile (trick)

For this trick it is like you are doing half of a backflip because what you are supposed to do is start your backflip 15 feet or higher and be 180 degrees vertical and as you are upside down you are supposed to go into dive position and shoot as fast as you can into the water. This is not a simple trick and could be dangerous but just take it slow and do your best to comprehend and understand the trick before you go as hard as you can.

Missile 1.5 (trick)

This is the same as the Missle except instead of doing a half backflip, you are doing 1 and a half backflips. You must be at least 12 feet or higher in order to gain gredit for this trick, you must also be 180 degrees vertical in order to be scored high as well.


Personal water craft (PWC)

A personal water craft (PWC), also called water scooter, is a recreational watercraft that the rider sits or stands on, rather than inside of, as in a boat. They have an inboard engine driving a pump jet that has a screw-shaped impeller to create thrust for propulsion and steering.



Person on Flyboard® Hoverboard® by ZR

Reverse corkscrews 720 (trick)

For this trick you must be at full height possible on the flyboard and then you simply just start your corkscrews as you are descending. Make sure that you are staying straight because if you are going crooked then you will eventually dog-chain yourself and fall into the water.


Spin to backflip (tricks)

This trick is simple because it is just combining two simple tricks. In order to do this trick you must first master the 720 corkscrew and also the backflip. But once you have those two things mastered it is all about how you combine them and what your comfortable with. Everyone is comfortable with doing it a certain way so it is your job to go out and try to do it. But keep in mind that while doing this trick you want to cut out as much possible time in between the two tricks(in other words you don't want to pause in between the two). 

Superman (tricks)

This trick takes a while to get only because it focuses a lot on core strength. In order to nail this trick you must first start off going into a dive, but then you must pull your legs up and try to abort the dive completely. To make the superman look more dramatic, you might want to throw it from higher and try to dive faster.

Slalom wall riding (tricks)

In order to do the slalom, you must move your lower body in a ver violent way to where your feet are moving side to side and you are not touching the water. You want to be around 1-2 meters above the water when doing the slalom. Do not put to much pressure on your toes because if you do, then you will fall into the water and not complete the trick like you want to.

Seat grab (trick)

In order to do the seat grab, you must lower yourself to the backseat of the jetski, grab on the handle of the backseat with one hand, and then pick up your lower body with your core and try to keep your legs up and flying as long as you can. Once you feel that you cannot do the seat grab any longer, you need to drop your lower body and once you feel safe you need to let go of the seat and fly away.

Superman to backflip (trick)

In order to do this trick you must first be able to master the superman. Once you are completely comfortable with the superman then instead of coming out and landing the superman, you must first throw the superman and hold the horixontal as long as you can and then instead of landing, you must throw a backflip and then land it. It may seem difficult at first, But everyone is able to do this trick with practice.


Triple back flip (tricks)

In order to do the triple backflip you must swoop down and circle the ski until you feel you are comfortable and then you must shoot directly vertical…… Straight up, you cannot go sideways or backwards it has to be directly up. And whe you get to maximum height of the hose, You need to tuck and hold your body as tight as you can and just throw three flips. I know that it sounds very scary and intimidating and it may take you a couple tries but this trick is the best trick in the sport right now so you need to be able to take risks if you truly want to win.

Triple back flip to spin (tricks)

Spin (720 greater) triple (the spin can come before or after) although Spin to Triple Back Flip looks impossible. In order to do this you must do everything we taught you about the triple and then like the double to spin… you must land the triple backflip and then as soon as you land it you have to soin out of it. Make sure that you are spinning upward so that the hose does not kink and you do not mess the trick up.

Thread the needle (trick)

In order to do this trick you must throw a backflip big enough to where you have enough time to fly on the opposite side of the circle of the flip to “thread the needle.” You do not want your backflip to be super tight because if it is, then you will not give yourself enough time to fly through the circle.


Wireless EMK

New EMK by Zapata Racing released in 2014 which allows to control the jet remotely.


Y Connector

Y shaped pipe underneath board


Zapata Racing

Flyboard® and Hoverboard® company/factory based in France owned by Franky Zapata