Official Zapata Racing Hoverboard® - introduction

The Hoverboard® by Zapata Racing was created by Franky Zapata in 2013. It is inspired by the movie Back to the future™ and in tribute to the famous Silver surfer™; The Hoverboard® by Zapata Racing is a hydro-propelled board, which allows the user to ride and surf in total freedom above the water. Connected to the PWC pump by a hose (18 or 23 meters long), the Hoverboard® by Zapata Racing user can manage the board with ease and can reach up to 8 meters above the sea, to an average speed of 40 km/h. Here on FlyCaptain you can find informations, videos, photos, tutorials and much more about the Official Zapata Racing Hoverboard®. Join the Official Zapata Racing Hoverboard® community today.

What is the Hoverboard® by Zapata Racing ?

Have you seen Back to the Future II, the movie with the hoverboards? Well the world just got a whole lot cooler because they have now been invented in a sense. Not as you see them in the movie, but as a cool new type of water propelled hoverboard. These new boards are great for performing awesome aerial maneuvers like flips and cork screws. These are great for anyone into any of the other X-Generation extreme sports like skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing and any other type of adrenaline pumping sport. Even divers are going to love this new invention as it can be used to glide under water.
If you are curious about knowing what Hoverboarding is, then you have come to the right place. This section is devoted in giving you a short overview of what it is about before learning its other aspects. It's highly likely that there's someone who has never seen nor heard of Hoverboarding. But if you really have no idea what Hoverboarding is, just imagine it as surfing, flying, snowboarding, wakeboarding on the water.
The Hoverboard® by Zapata Racing kit includes:
  • Carbon fiber board equipped with foot straps and pads
  • A propulsion system; an ‘oval’ made of
  • Foundry aluminium
  • 1 Hose (different types/lengths of hose available)
  • A U pipe, allowing to invert the water exiting the PWC
  • A fast clip interface allowing a rapid change between the Flyboard® and the PWC
If you already own a Flyboard®, the connecting hardware being similar, you can purchase individual Hoverboard® by Zapata Racing board.
  • Molded board reinforced with Carbon Fiber, resistant to forces superior to 11 tons per m²
  • One Oval, founded from one piece of aluminum to decrease loss of pressure and power whilst also redirecting the water in the right direction
  • Change from goofy to regular mode without tools
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Unpacking the hoverboard by ZR
U-PIPE 2014 V3

Definition and overview of hoverboarding

The Hoverboard® by Zapata Racing is a water propelled device that allows its user to fly up to 5 meters above the water as fast as 40km/h, to realize multiple freestyle tricks. The Hoverboard® by Zapata Racing is a surf board that is attached to a PWC (Personal Watercraft) which gives the Hoverboard® by Zapata Racing propulsion through air. The whole propulsion is routed through the primary nozzle that is attached to the board of the Hoverboard® by Zapata Racing user. Take a look at the Hoverboard® Dictionary for the specific Hoverboard® terms.
The PWC provides all of the propulsion for the Hoverboard® by Zapata Racing. The thrust from the PWC is routed through an 18 meters hose up to the Hoverboard® by Zapata Racing where the rider can enjoy new amazing sensation.Then, the PWC follows behind the rider giving freedom to surf amongst the waves. The height that can be reached depends from the Jet-Ski power. The Hoverboard® by Zapata Racing can highs up until 5 meters and speeds up until 40km/h!!
The Hoverboard® by Zapata Racing can be practiced by two people with one PWC driver and one Hoverboard® by Zapata Racing rider. But it can also be practiced alone thanks to the Electronic Management Kit (EMK). Indeed, the EMK is connected to the PWC engine which allows the user to have all the PWC control from the Hoverboard® by Zapata Racing through a throttle hold in the user’s hand. The EMK is an option that is not included on the Hoverboard® by Zapata Racing Kit. Check out few of the best Hoverboard® pictures and Hoverboard® videos uploaded by the Flycaptain members. Find out more about the description of the Hoverboard® by Zapata Racing. FlyCaptain | Official Zapata Racing Hoverboard® Community.
U-PIPE 2014 V3
Hoverboard sunset ride
Hoverboard sunset ride

Why and where go Hoverboarding ?

The Hoverboard® by Zapata Racing is so cool that you will never be able to stop riding it once you tried it! The Hoverboard® by Zapata Racing can be practiced in different spots either in lake, pond, sea or ocean in the condition where minimum 4 meters depth is respected. It is strictly forbidden to use the Hoverboard® by Zapata Racing in tight spots such as swimming pools. It is mandatory to follow an hour of training in a specialized training center (rental basis) to understand the basics and the main security rules. It is recommended not to use the Hoverboard® by Zapata Racing under16 years old. No weight or height restrictions are imposed. Therefore beyond a certain weight (110kg) the user might not have an optimal experience.
Do you own a Flyboard® or Hoverboard® riding spot ? Are you offering courses ? Or maybe you know a great place where to go Hoverboarding and Flyboarding ? Add your spot on Flycaptain and share it with the community. Find out why so many are opting for this new crazy sport. FlyCaptain | Official Zapata Racing Hoverboard® Community.
Hoverboard sunset ride
Hoverboard sunset ride
Hoverboard sunset ride
Hoverboard sunset ride

Advanced technologies for your Hoverboard®

FlyCaptain is the best friend of your Hoverboard® by Zapata Racing. By registering an account with us you will be able to access advanced technologies allowing you to mesure and record your Hoverboard® run. The altitude, the GForce, the speed, the GPS coordinates, even a video, everything synchronized with your FlyCaptain account so that you can compare yourself with the best Hoverboard® riders in the world! Share your run statistics, videos and pictures with the FlyCaptain community and improve your Hoverboard® skills! FlyCaptain | Official Zapata Racing Hoverboard® Community.

Hoverboard® world records

The Hoverboard® by Zapata Racing is so new (released in summer 2014) there is no world cup event yet held. Meanwhile enjoy riding and training because 2016 should see the 1st official Hoverboard® by Zapata Racing competition organized and it's going to be insane! More details in 2016... Check the upcoming event on Flycaptain or create your own. The Hoverboard® events are a great way to meet the stunning flyboard family. You can also join us on the Forum so we can talk together about the Hoverboard® by Zapata Racing universe. FlyCaptain | Official Zapata Racing Hoverboard® Community.