Flycaptain Zapata Racing Flyboard Hoverboard - App for iPhone & Android

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Flycaptain Zapata Racing Flyboard Hoverboard - App for iPhone & Android
Discover the universe of Zapata Racing with the official Zapata Industries community: Flycaptain.
Discover the features below


The Timeline We use the iPhone's accelerometer to record the forces of every direction based on 3 axis. Discover how the gravity force is applied to your body while doing insane tricks in Flyboard® and Hoverboard® by Zapata Racing. Browse trough the interactive graph and view the details of the G-Force along your run with the ability to select a particular point to get the full information of that precise moment.


Thanks to the iPhone 6 barometer, we can now record the altitude of your Flyboard® and Hoverboard® runs while doing tricks but also the depth of your dives (up to 3 meters). The altitude is then represented on a interactive way. You can select a particular point of your run to have the exact information at a precise moment.


During your run, the Flycaptain community iPhone app uses the GPS of the iPhone to track your position which in return, display a trace on google map. As the other features, you have the possibility to select a particular point and get the complete informations of that exact moment.


The Flycaptain community iPhone app allow you to select if you want to take pictures (Burst Snapshot) or video while recording your Flyboard® and Hoverboard® run. One of the easiest way to make amazing videos and pictures of your run and tricks. The video is synchronized with all the other datas.


The Flycaptain community iPhone app save all of your runs and keep track of your progression. The Global Stats will summarize an average of all your Flyboard® or Hoverboard® runs like: total runs, total distance, average speed, average altitude, average depth, average G-Force, total calories burned and total medias.


This is one of the key features of our application. The G-Force, Altitude, Speed and all other datas are synchronized with the video. This means you can see exactly how did you made your tricks, analyze your Flyboard® and Hoverboard® runs to understand the mistakes and make a better progression. Use the video slider to select the right moment to display the complete data. It is very precise.


The timeline is a great way to keep in touch with your Flyboard® and Hoverboard® friends connected to Flycaptain. You can upload pictures to share with our community, comment, like directly from the Timeline or simply discover the different member profile and find new rider to fly with. You should try it now!


Someone is driving you on the jet ski, or watching you from the dock and recording you with a GoPro ? Link the GoPro to the Flycaptain app with the GoPro wifi and get incredible footage synchronized with complete data of your Flyboard® and Hoverboard® runs. Another exclusive feature. You can import the video just after the run or do it later at home while you have time using the GoPro wifi.


We already mentionned it, but we like to say it again. The Zapata Racing Flycaptain community iPhone app is free! Do not hesitate to share with us your feedbacks, we will work harder to release updates and always improve our project. Thank you!