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to fly!


(Founder & CEO)
Steve is entrepreneur, creator and heart of Flycaptain. After spending 10 years in China, Hong Kong and Thailand, working in tech industry he came back to France discovered the Hoverboard by ZR which made him fall in love with this industry. Meeting creator Franky and sharing some thoughts, he created Flyboard community and made many things to evolve this industry even further. In 2016 he became Flyboard Vice World Champion and Vice European Champion and keep on spreading the world and reuniting people of this sport.


Emma is a customer service and communications manager of Flycaptain. After first trying hoverboardi and flyboard on July 2014 she knew that this sport has a very bright future and want to be a part of it. She enjoys meeting all people who love this industry, share ideas, attend all the events, make some beautiful shots, write blog post and know all about whats happening in Flyboard world.

Damone Rippy

(Flycaptain Ambassador)
Damone Rippy is one of the best Flyboard Riders since the beginning of this industry. At the age of 15 (in 2013) he attended his first World Cup and got his World Champion title in 2017. Known for his innovative and fast riding he keeps on involving Flyboard as a sport. Damone is official Flycaptain Ambassador since 2015.
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