Setup hose & elbow on Flyboard Hoverboard by Zapata Racing

Setup hose & elbow on Flyboard Hoverboard by Zapata Racing,Flyboard ® video Zapata-Racing 12. by: Steve, STEVE . Flyboard ® Rider(s): EMMANUELLE LUX.
Tricks: Spot: . Date: 2016-05-12 11:57:46. You just received your FlyBoard or Hoverboard and you need some help how to setup everything right ? Here is your answear. Manue (official Zapata Racing Trainer) from FlyCaptain shows us how to build the hose and the elbow for the FlyBoard and Hoverboard in few minutes and get ready to hit the water. This is a french version with english subtitle.
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Posted 2 years ago by Steve
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