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Damone Rippy - USA - Flyboard World Cup 2016 - Qualification Run

 Damone Rippy - USA - Flyboard World Cup 2016 - Qualification Run
The 5th Flyboard World Championship competition has been held on 16-17-18 september 2016 in Naples, Florida, organized by Pro Watercoss and Zapata Racing.

The event gathered the best international riders who has shown the extent of possible tricks during their freestyle battles and be judged by a jury of five professionals. They assign a score based on the following criteria: Technicity, Showmanship, Diversity and Energy in the performance figures.

This year 52 competitors representing 16 countries or territories has participated in this invitation only event. 

In just 4 years, Flyboard® has become a recognized extreme sport that appeals to users looking to defy the laws of gravity as it allows the user to fly over 12m high or dive like a dolphin. Flyboard® is a deck with two nozzles pointing downwards, linked to a Jet Ski pump via a fire-type hose. The throttle is handled by the Flyboard® rider and the direction depend on the inclination of the deck.

Flycaptain is the official Zapata Racing Flyboard® Hoverboard® JetPack® online community to share a passion of this new extreme sport invented by Franky Zapata. 

Exclusive demonstration of Franky Zapata and the Flyboard Air by Zapata Industries for the first time in USA.
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