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Become the next Flyboard super hero Flycaptain Zapata Racing

Become the next Flyboard super hero Flycaptain Zapata Racing,Flyboard ® video Zapata-Racing 53. by: Steve, STEVE . Flyboard ® Rider(s): Zapata Racing.
Tricks: Spot: French Riviera Water Toys. Date: 2016-05-12 12:05:40.

The Flyboard and the Hoverboard by ZR is not only our passion, it's in our DNA and the reason why we created Flycaptain. We have met incredible people the last few weeks. Worked hard with Franky and ZAPATA RACING to bring you a TOP notch iPhone application and a powerful dedicated website to connect all of us Flyboarder and Hoverboarder lover's. I'm happy to join with my team and our 10 years experience in the web industry to promote the best as we can the Flyboard and the Hoverboard on the web. We would like to thank you ZAPATA RACING and Franky for spending time with us and improving the app, a big thank you to Aquafly-The Premier Flyboard Destination specially Gretchen Rogers Vance, Damone Rippy & Stephanie Wells to test the world first Flyboard & Hoverbaord Flycaptain app at the X Dubai world cup, we have recorded some amazing runs and we can't wait to publish them online for everyone
Flycaptain is the official Zapata Racing community. Flyboard Legend, Flyboard Pro Series, Flyboard Sport, Flyboard Air, Hoverboard by ZR, JetPack ZR, Flyboard ZR, Zapata Racing Flyboards videos, photos, how to make tricks, dedicated iPhone app for watersports activities like the Flyboard, hydroflight sport, hydrosports. Rental point, spots, events, forum, flyboard show, online store, physical shop in south of France on the French Riviera, blog, competitions ...

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Posted 3 years ago by Steve
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Prefered machine: flyboard by ZR
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