Moorea Watersport


* Flyboard rental
* Hoverboard rental
* PWC Jet ski rental


* GoPro video (extra fees)
* Pictures (extra fees)


* X-Armor hose 23m
* Yamaha Jet ski


* Price for 20 minutes: 0.00 EUR
* Price for 30 minutes: 14500.00 EUR
* Accept booking from: 04.11.2015
* Accept booking until: 30.11.-0001
* Opening time: 08:00
* Closing time: 17:30


Moorea Watersport is a team of young professionals They want to share their passions and give you a safe thrill Flyboard et du Hoverboard how is it working? : You have a hose like "fireman" type plug in one side to a jet ski and the other side to the board. The propeller is used to make you fly above water. Flyboard et le Hoverboard, it’s easy : From 16 years old, initiation last 15 or 30 minutes, the power of the water jet who’s propelling you is controlled by the instructor. You just have to focus on your balance, which make the Flyboard or the Hoverboard easy to handle for everyone, even for the non-sporty ones and especially safe. Even for people up to 240 pounds, the instructor will simply just put more power. The First Flight last 8 minutes and are from 7 years old and a maximum charge of 100 pounds is required cos the instructor is caring the child. Towable tubing behind a boat From 5/6 years old with parent’s agreements and their sizes, initiations last 15 minutes. This exciting game on water is absolutely unique. It’s an incredible thrill and secure. Totally unsinkable, everybody can do it, even kids. The instructor will adapt the right speed and navigation according to your needs. Initiations (free evolution): Évolved freely at sight of a certified instructor inside the limit and time you'd like. Excursions: Moorea Watersport invite yoou to disccover unique excursion by jet ski around the amazing lagoon of Moorea. From 1 hour to 4 hours You’ll live an uniforgetable riding experience, stop for diving in the turquoise blue water and one at the sharks and rays spot All the conditions are combined for admiring the amazing beauty of the lagoon Our certified instructors will be joining you for safety execursions. You also could planned for a sunset excursion more calm and romantic while your are tasting a glass of champagne.


(Max note: 10)
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