Miami Flyboard


* Flyboard rental
* Hoverboard rental
* JetPack rental


* Drone video (extra fees)
* Flyboard sales
* Flyboard Show
* GoPro video (extra fees)
* Hoverboard sales
* Hydroflight gear sales
* Jetpack sales
* Training Courses


* EMK Remote
* X-Armor hose 23m
* Yamaha Jet ski


* Price for 20 minutes: 0.00 EUR
* Price for 30 minutes: 0.00 EUR
* Accept booking from: 30.11.-0001
* Accept booking until: 30.11.-0001
* Opening time: 02:00
* Closing time: 02:00


Welcome to Miami Flyboard! Your number one destination to try the coolest new products by Zapata Racing including the Flyboard and the all new Hoverboard! If you’re looking for something fun to do in Miami look no further. Our flight center will propel your vacation to the next level with our Flyboard and Hoverboard rentals. Get trained by a Certified Flyboard Instructor today to learn what it feels like to fly just like in your dreams! If you thought the jet pack was cool, think again. The Flyboard is by far way cooler than any jet pack out there so don’t waste your time or money on something you won’t enjoy nearly as much as you would flying on the Flyboard, or surfing the sky with the Hoverboard by ZR! Whether you want to fly like Iron Man, or surf like the Silver Surfer above the water, Miami Flyboard can take care of all your flying needs! Come rent our water propulsion devices today and get ready to get your mind blown with Miami Flyboard!

Facebook: Miami Flyboard
Telephone: +1 844-339-3359


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