Flyboard Hatsafon - פלייבורד הצפון

Flyboard Hatsafon - פלייבורד הצפון


* Flyboard rental
* PWC Jet ski rental


* Flyboard School
* GoPro video (extra fees)
* Pictures (extra fees)
* Training Courses


* Seadoo Jet ski
* X-Armor hose 18m


* Price for 20 minutes: 0.00 USD
* Price for 30 minutes: 0.00 USD
* Accept booking from: 30.11.-0001
* Accept booking until: 30.11.-0001
* Opening time: 02:00
* Closing time: 02:00


We will fly on the water with Flybord Hatsafon. Attraction and an amazing experience. Flight above the water. Until you try, you can't understand how it is special and different from everything that you have done to date, from experience !! The Flyboard is a facility that connects a Jet and is operated with a jet of water that it creates.The pressure of the water routed holes under the navigation panel allows you to steal above the water, leaping above the water, diving like a dolphin. The Flyboard gives to each one of them knows a combination of fun, thrills and plenty of adrenaline. You can spend Hfliibord level of the water to a height of about ten feet in the air - the air crazy? It feels like it !! The air transport flyboard is easy and carried out accompanied by guidance and does not require a license and allows anyone over 16 years of age, regardless of weight, fitness or experience in the field. You can fly above the water ... and then you can fly with us in the summer .
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Tel : 055-8852885
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