* Flyboard rental


* Flyboard School


* Seadoo Jet ski


* Price for 20 minutes: 89.00 USD
* Price for 30 minutes: 134.00 USD
* Accept booking from: 06.06.2015
* Accept booking until: 31.03.2018
* Opening time: 09:00
* Closing time: 16:00


WHAT IS FLYBOARD: Get ready for the splash of a new huge trending and super extreme water sport! Flyboard is a water device that allows you to surf the sky and swim like a dolphin. This awesome jetpack like device bolts on to the powerful motor of a jet ski, then routes the resulting water jet through a long hose that connects to a pair of jet boots. Flyboard is also an amphibious water-powered device that propels you into the sky or underwater. This super awesome water sport has been played by numerous celebrities from all over the world. SAFETY & REGULATIONS: Safety briefing will be conducted on activities site. All instructions from instructor must be followed by guests while in the sea or on land. Never fly the flyboard under the influence of alcohols, drugs or other medication that impairs judgement or coordination. Doing so can result in serious injury. For safety reasons, we may need to reschedule your experience to a later date due to bad weather conditions, including; Heavy rain or thunderstorm, sustained high winds and tidal wave. No pregnant women, those in a cast and person with the heart conditions and/or back trouble. Please, find out more at and follow our Instagram @BenoaFlyboard


(Max note: 10)
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