FLYBOARD® SPORT | SeaDoo Spark X-Armor 18m Kit
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Zapata Racing Flyboard® Sport Kits


Flyboard® Sport Kits include everything what you need to start flying using your Sea Doo Spark. Connection parts can be used with Jetpack by ZR® as well.

The new Connection System by ZR® for SeaDoo Spark allows you to switch your PWC mode to flying mode just in few minutes. System does not require unbuilding original nozzle since U Pipe connect directly to it.

Sea Doo Spark connection Innovations:
  • No adapter needed
  • U Pipe connects directly to Original Nozzle
Please choose your Bindings size (Small/Medium (US Mens 6-9/EU39-42) or Large/X-Large (US Mens 9-13/EU42-46)) when ordering.

Kit contains following items:
  • FB04B03-SP Flyboard® Sport equipped board (1)
  • FB04097 Nozzle Rings Ø57 (2)
  • FB04060 Nozzle Screws (4)
  • FB04089 Y pipe O-ring (1)
  • FB03C09/10 Flybord® Bindings with Screws (2)
  • FB05A01 SeaDoo Spark Special Adapter with necessary parts
  • FB03A03 Hose Swivel (1)
  • FB02020 Hose Strap (1)
  • FB02021 Hook (1)
  • FB02022 Fastening Strap (1)
  • FB03C50 Clamps (4)
  • ZR01003 XArmor Hose 18m or 60ft (1)
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