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Flyboard run: «South Of France»

15 Jun 2015 - Run duration: 03:59 minutes - Run ID : 1
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22 Classement mondial du run (application run)

Global stats of this run

Max Speed: 20.30km/h
Average Speed: 9.03km/h
Altitude Max: 14.85 meters
Average Altitude: 4.66 meters
Distance: 441m
Dive: 2
Max dive depth: -2.53 meters
Average dive depth: -2.50 meters
Calories burned: 21.67 Kcal
X: 1.87g
Y: 2.93g
Z: 3.84g
Location information
City: (null)
Temperature: 22.00°C
Condition: meteo icon sunny
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by Akam - 17/06/2015 17:06 pm
Amazing, the speed of the 2 set of corkscrews are really really impressive.