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16 year old American, nicknamed « The Frog » surprised the Flyboard® world by winning the title of Pro World Champion against double World Champion Suksan Tongthai and North American Champion Damone Rippy.

A freestyle competition at a top level

  • For the 4th consecutive year, Zapata Racing invited the world best Flyboard® riders to fight for the World Champion title, in Dubai on 2nd, 3rd and 4th December.
  • The competition counted 62 participants, selected on video, competing in Pro Rider, Ladies and Veteran categories. 42 pros rider contestants, 10 veterans and 10 ladies from over 20 countries
  • This edition was a wonderful occasion for the contestants to test the limits of the new Flyboard® Pro Series and to show the complete panel of possible tricks during their freestyle battles.
  • Contestants are judged by a jury of 6 professionals that give a score for each of these criteria: Technique, showmanship, diversity and energy.
  • Also, this year was introduced the first Hoverboard by ZR® race.

Flyboard® in a nutshell

  • In just 4 years, Flyboard® has become a recognized extreme sport that appeals to users looking to defy the laws of gravity as it allows the user to fly over 12m high or dive like a dolphin.
  • Flyboard® is a deck with two nozzles pointing downwards, linked to a Jet Ski pump via a fire-type hose. The throttle is handled by the Flyboard® rider and the direction depend on the inclination of the deck.
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by Shadowon - 10/10/2015 16:47 pm
Hi all X-Dubaï super heroes. We would like to congratulate you all for you efforts and determination to be the best of the best. Jason and I have been watching some of your videos and can’t wait to see you all live. We are honored once again to be your technical judges.
We have prepared a scoring point value with some new tricks and also adding the trick that can be performed with the new Pro series. Although there is points valued to the tricks you will be performing we will also have in mind various other aspects. It has been a huge experience for me putting together the first NAFBC in Canada and being a judge for 3 years now. As competitions go by we all try to be better and improve.
We will be also looking for these aspects:
Amplitude: Greater amplitude increases the risk of the trick.
• Front side or Backside rotations,
• Different grabs
• Hard combinations and the sequence of tricks
• Different rotation axis (Longitudinal/Lateral Axis, Vertical Axis)
Control should be maintained during the whole run, from start to finish. The riding
should be done with good stability and fluidity. Each individual trick should be
performed with full control. When an athlete decides to perform a trick, he/she
should reach the position chosen and show that this is the position he/she wants. In
rotations flips and different positions, the rotation should be done in one manoeuvre
and control should be held, demonstrated in one unique movement with an equal
rotational rhythm from beginning to the end.
“The trick should look easy”.
If the intention of a grab is done, the grab should be made on the board and not
anywhere else. (boot grab, Binding grabs etc…)
If landings and tricks are be performed higher more points will be rewarded
Before landing, tricks must have been completed in preparation for landing.
If the board touches the water points will be deducted depending on how hard and how deep the rider lands
If the hit is too hard or if we cannot see the flyers bottom part of its knee the trick is considered as failed and therefore no points will be rewarded for that trick.
When the athlete performs the run, variety must be a key factor. Mixing different
tricks into a good run. 1080's, back Flips, superman’s, layouts, dolphin dives 720's etc.
Spinning reversed sides, flying backwards and performing your moves both sides will also increase your point value. Performing the same move or combo more than 2 times will result in 0 points for the 3rd time and will dramatically decrease your points for variety.
Backside/ Front side, Left/Right, Longitudinal/Lateral Axis, Take offs and landings should be mixed in your routine. Grabbing the board with different grabs and
different spins will help you in your trick repertoire.
Space usage:
The run should be performed from start to finish. Judges count the run until time is up.
Take offs and landings should be performed as high as possible for more amplitude points. Use as much of the flight zone as possible. Be careful not going out as a points will automatically be deducted from your final score. All tricks performed out of the zone do not count.
By rewarding progression we help to push the sport forward.
Introducing new tricks that have not been performed before will result in more point for variety.
Risk taking:
To perform difficult tricks earlier in the run .
We want to see the athletes to push their run to its maximum.
To have difficult trick combinations in a row instead of separating them with easier tricks will also help your score.
The Most important part... HAVE FUN
by IBRAHIMH - 18/09/2015 13:49 pm
When can we have more information on the competition? When is the entry deadline??