5th FLYBOARD® WORLD CUP 2016 Naples, Florida

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Start: 2016-09-16 00:00:00
End: 2016-09-18 23:59:59
It was the first year when Flyboard® World Cup was held in USA. And even though it was announced in very short notice Zapata Racing and Pro Watercross still managed to gather the best riders, their families and friends from all around the world to compete, have fun and share their passion for Flyboard® in Naples, Florida. 

Despite missing some of well known riders in the event (as some couldn't come because of short notice or they were attending the other event which was held in Florida at the same dates) 32 Pro Riders, 10 Ladies and 10 veterans were competing for this years champions title and showed skills that were never seen before and made people watching entertained and breathless.

As every year the World Cup started with qualification rounds giving riders 1.5 minute to perform 5 different tricks from the list that was provided by organizers prior to the competition. As sport is evolving and competition rules start to be more and more strict every year, some of the riders had some issues following the changes and the rules which made job of the judges much more hard.

16 Pro, 8 Ladies and 8 Veterans moved to the battle rounds which allows riders to ride more in freestyle and where competition becomes more intense as highest scored rider (in qualification) battles against the least scored rider. As most of the competitors were well known riders in the industry you could predict the tricks and style that they will pull out in their runs but seems organizing the event right after summer brought riders to their best shape and I would even say that they doubled their abilities from what was seen in Dubai just 9 months ago.

While the sport itself evolving fast (longer hoses, high powered skis, double swivels and etc.) and the riders pushing everything to the very limit we do see some incidents happened during competition and this one was not an exception. We wish our friends and Flyboard Family members Gemma Weston and Aleks Skar fast recovery! You guys are great riders and all the Flyboard family is with you!

After 3 days of hard, exhausting (for riders) and entertaining, amazing (for viewers) championship we would like to congratulate winners of 5th annual Flyboard® World Cup!

And what can be better than finish the event by seeing our crazy inventor Franky Zapata showing the one and only FlyboardAIR® in real for the first time in USA. I guess many people still did not believe that it really existed until they saw themselves Mr. Zapata flying across the lake in every direction, racing jetskis and waving from air just few feet from them. Even people that saw it for the second or third time were speechless... THE FUTURE IS HERE!

To finish Flycaptain team would like to thank everyone that helped to make this event as memorable as it was: Franky and Krystel Zapata, Pro Watercross team, Zapata Racing team, Judges, Riders, Families, Friends and everyone else that was there physically and emotionally. See you next year!

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