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X Dubai Flyboard World Cup 2015 by Zapata Racing

By EMILIJAM - 2016-01-03 07:08:31 | Flyboard® - Hoverboard® - Events
WOW! I guess that is the word that most of us that had the chance to be a part of this years XDFWC would use to describe the event. XDubai with Zapata Racing really pulled off an amazing X Dubai Flyboard World Cup 2015 which gets better and better each year. 

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The level of the event and rider skills have improved significantly and you could have seen it starting from first day when girl pro riders went to show their skills in qualifying rounds. These ladies proved that they could easily compete with pro riders and have same strength and speed as guys while still keeping their feminine grace. We have seen them doing huge dolphin dives, doubles, triples, crazy spins while showing their beautiful smiles and dance moves. As a girl, seeing them, I felt very proud and I was cheering for each one of them and I think many girls all around the world will be much more motivated to improve their riding and get ready for the next years competition thanks to these athletes.

Second day started off with Veterans qualifying and I do not think that it was only me that thought those guys might be fathers or grandfathers but wow they really ride as a 20year old boys when on the Flyboard! Speed, energy and quality of tricks really impressed me! I guess thats the beauty of this sport and neither age or gender matters when riders go flying high and feel that adrenaline pumping up their blood.

On the second day after lunch it was time for Pro riders to take their place in the water. This year it was extremely hard for them to even qualify to get a place in the competition and qualification videos were made public so everyone could have a clue of what level will be shown during the competition from many competitors except the ones from top 16 of Flyboard World Cup 2014, nobody had a clue what do they have holding up their sleeves and this added a lot of intrigue for those who were watching and competing.

Even though it was very intense and riders had to deal with not only their physical preparation but mental as well, they showed the best level they could and kept public on their toes for each of their rides. We have seen them doing huge dolphin dives, triples (even on Flyboard Legend board), new tricks and first quads! 

As every year after qualification, riders were paired up to do the battles and depending on their first run some were more "lucky" than the others but competition is a competition and thats what makes it interesting. The thrill of seeing team mates, friends, best riders going against each other is really breath taking but I was really glad to see that even though they battle and one of them will be winner while for the other competition will be over they they kept their cool and kept that "Flyboard Family" spirit.

We did not see many "jet flips" and disqualifications this year, I guess this was due to the fact that Xdubai and ZR were using safety skin and 23 meters hose or riders just managed their hoses much better this year. We did see some of the biggest crashes during the competition which is just a part of extreme sport and I hope all those guys will have a quick recovery! Flyboard Family is with you! 

In my opinion many things improved this year regarding competition quality and peoples spirits. The people had a great seating area which kept us close and its nothing better than seeing people cheering and being happy for their loved ones and this brings me to say thank you for everybody for spirit that I have seen this year, I really felt that we had same goals and same visions as Flyboard Family should be. 

Judges were placed next to public so everybody had a chance to see while holding breath what rider was a winner for each category and we were happy to see Flyboard Show boss being flawless as a master of ceremonies.

Overall I wanted to thank everyone who were there, the mood that was brought to the event was amazing and I think we should all applaud ourselves. Congratulations to all the winners, you guys rocked! Big up to Hunter Verlander for the gold title the new Pro World Champion and the quad back flip ;) Big thank you for all XDubai and Zapata Racing team for making this possible, your hard work really paid off. Judges did an amazing job as this competition was extremely difficult since the level that riders brought to this competition was so high and and so close to each other. Guys that were working on pontoon and on safety ski made things run smoothly so even if there were some problems nobody noticed. And of course biggest applause for Flyboard President and his First Lady - Franky and Krystel Zapata as without you we wouldn't know what Flyboard is and wouldn't have a chance to meet so many great people. THANK YOU ALL!

I guess now lets see what all those photographers that were there captured and I would appreciate if everyone can post a link on Flycaptain forums if you have some pictures/videos or you have a link of pictures/videos from the event.

Note: If you were there and you have some suggestions or notes about the event, Zapata Racing is waiting for emails! Practice makes it perfect!