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World Record Flyboard® Air® by Zapata Racing 2242 meters

By Steve - 2016-05-02 02:46:32 | Flyboard® - Editor’s pick
Zapata Racing has achieved the dream of all men and offers you the first video of Franky Zapata flying on the innovation Flyboard® Air. The Independent Propulsion Unit represents 4 years of hard work for a result exceeding all records:
  • Autonomous flight up to 10,000 feet
  • Top speed of 150km/h (93,2 mph)
  • 10 min autonomy
Although the UFO is still in prototype phase and won’t be on the market in 2016, it has exactly the same behavior as the ESH Flyboard® Pro Series. Those who wants to feel the thrill, or pending the governmental approval, we invite you to discover the products ZR: Flyboard® Pro Series , Hoverboard by ZR® et Jetpack by ZR® that allow you to fly safely over the water. Explore the ZR universe and its safe & fun products, approved by millions of users worldwide.
Franky Zapata on 30th April 2016 set a new a new Guinness World Record title for the farthest hoverboard flight (2,252 meters) during a spectacular attempt off the coast of Sausset-les-Pins in the south of France. Rising 50 metres above the surface for the attempt and trailed by a fleet of boats and jet skis, Franky, 37, piloted a futuristic aircraft called the Flyboard Air developed by his company Zapata Racing.