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World Record 39 Flyboard Backflips in 1minute by Damone Rippy

By Steve - 2016-05-05 07:47:35 | Flyboard® - Editor’s pick
The SOLID Team got his hero back on tracks! The one and only Damone Rippy! 5 months without riding the Flyboard and he's now back at serious training with the special turbo engineer from Puerto Rico Mr Malvin Quinones! Team work = Dream work ! FlyCaptain is proud of our ambassador ! Are you ready for Las Vegas because Damone is just warming up and broke the previous world record held by Franky Zapata (the creator of the Flyboard) doing 26 backflips back in 2013. Today with the new equipped u pipe with double swivel by Zapata Racing the possibility are endless! 39 backflips in less than 1 minute by Damone Rippy ! And this is only the 1st day!