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What is Flyboarding ?

By Steve - 2014-11-17 12:26:21 | Flyboard® - Editor’s pick
New sports are starting up all the time across the world, as technology and our own drive to see things from a new perspective creates new opportunities all the time. Whether it’s combining popular sports – such as the new FootGolf sport being played in Scotland – or a whole new innovation on something that’s been popular for years, sports are being invented all the time. Since 2011, one of the most exciting extreme sports to appear in recent times was invented – Flyboarding.

If you have never heard of Flyboarding, then you are missing out on one of the most innovative new sports out there at the moment. It was created by Marseille-based watercraft rider Franky Zapata. If you want to check out Franky in action, you can see a great video of him below thanks to the great work from the guys over at This brilliant interview with is well worth checking out as well, if you want to know more about the true passion and history behind the world of Flyboarding.

Interested in learning how to use a Flyboard properly? You can take lessons from as little as $250!

This isn’t the only product range on offer, though. The variety of Flyboard styles is changing too and in June 2014 the new Zapata Racing – the company that Franky runs – released the Hoverboard. This is the latest improvement of the original model, and provides an incredible amount of power and speed for those who have already taken their Flyboarding lessons. The Hoverboard by ZR provides something resembling, as Franky puts it here in this interview with, like “something from Back to the Future”. Sound like something you would enjoy using?

What does it involve?

The general premise behind the sport is that you use a water-based jetpack to propel your waterboard into the air. The thrust provided by the nozzles underneath the board allow for extreme tricks or dives to take place as high as thirty five feet in the air! Running at an incredible 100 HP, the jets are able to follow the rider around – even underwater – to create truly amazing scenes.

It’s first debut came at the World Jet Ski Championships in 2012, held in China. Since then, it has sold more than 2,500 units and is becoming an incredibly popular part of the sporting world. They have been selling for around about $5,850 and have been incredibly popular since they hit the markets to create a whole new part of the water sports world.

What does the future of Flyboarding hold?

The future of the sport looks very bright indeed. With new product lines appearing, more than two thousand units sold of the original Flyboard and many sales coming in for the Hoverboard the future – and the Hoverboard sure to be included for tournament use in the future – looks like it’s only going to grow further and further. The 2012 Doha World Championships was the first event held for the sport, with more than twenty nations competing from all across the world. The next tournament is already being planned; such was the success of the Qatar version.

If you are looking for a new sport to watch for years to come, and a sport that might in time find itself at the very peak of extreme sports, then keep an eye on Flyboarding. It’s only going to get bigger and deliver one of the most exciting experiences you are ever likely to witness!