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Video recording tips while Flyboarding & Hoverboarding

By Steve - 2016-11-15 09:21:12 | Flyboard® - Hoverboard® - Editor’s pick
We all know the famous GO PRO allow you to record nearly everything while you are on the board pretty much for every sports. It works very good on with the Flyboard and Hoverboard too. So let’s get started and see what we need to be ready fast.
  • Get any GO PRO camera. You do not need a new one even an old good GO Pro with a new battery will be more than enough to record cool quality video. The latest GO PRO HERO3+ Black Edition allow you to record at the best quality in full HD + and has a cool features for the slow motion
  • Got a deal on Ebay for 1 set of 2 Xsories Big Ushot with GoPro Tripod Mount Adapter (Take care there is different sizes) this one is easy to carry and adjustable size (30 to 95cm).
  • Make sure your battery is fully charged. If you plan to pass the whole day on the beach or the lake hoverboarding or flyboarding be sure to take another battery as one won’t be enough
  • Get a 32GB SD Card (Class 6) I got before another class of SD card but the recording was always stoping after 6 seconds. The class 6 SD card solved the problem.
  • Hit the nearest beach or lake and go enjoy Hoverboarding and Flyboarding
Best option is to have a person on the jet ski recording your round. Do not forget to always clean the glass of the Go PRO because there is a lot of water splashes around.  You can also plunge it in the water from time to time it works pretty fine to avoid all the sun traces on your video.

What’s also cool is to take the GO PRO with you while you are riding the Hoverboard by ZR or the Flyboard. This makes really fun movie and show how cool is to flyboarding or hoverboarding to your friends and family! There is plenty of video editing software that will help you to make a short movie of your day trip looking really amazing. Add some music and you are done !

This is the kind of video made completely using a GO PRO and a Arm extension.

So that was one of the possibility you can have with the GO PRO. Now you want to go further right ? Is not easy to all the time push some heavy tricks and record this in the same time with the GO PRO in the other hand, specially if you are using the remove on the Hoverboard or the Flyboard. We should have a third hand i know ! You want to see detailed shots while you are sending few 1080 (3 spins) in the air, record your cool Flyboard back flip, some cool views around you maybe.
I found what we need! A drone! So well there is drone and drone. After doing few research on the web i found out that the PHANTOM 2 VISION is one of the best drone you can find on the market. They released a new version this year with a built in camera and a cool GPS features. Take a look at the video here.

Ground Station for the Phantom 2 Vision and the Phantom 2 Vision+ has arrived. Now you can program in a flight, let go of your controller and focus on getting the shot you want. That’s the best for us Hoverboarder and Flyboarder !
We ordered the Phantom 2 Vision+ and can’t wait to receive to try our first videos! We will keep you updated for sure!

Please share with us some cool Flyboard and Hoverboard videos !