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Using Flyboard to make exceptional music video

By Emma - 2014-11-17 11:49:22 | Flyboard® - Editor’s pick
Making a good music video can be very challenging and it is very hard to find new ways to make it so after watching it people would be left with questions “what was that?” and “how have they done that?”. Well as Lithuanian I am very happy to see lithuanian DJ Mario Basanov using flyboard in his “Ten Walls” project video “Walking With Elephants”.

The music video was created with help from Aquatic Jetpacks Ltd in UK and the single is one of the top 40 songs in UK which makes me very proud. However I am mostly happy that after watching this video many people where amazed by dolphins dives and asking questions how was that affect achieved which just make this sport that much popular.

I hope in near future we will see more videos using flyboard and hoverboard as one of the effects. Please take a look of “The Walls” creation (starting from 1:25).