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The Hoverboard & The Flyboard – Why so many are opting for this new crazy sport

By Steve - 2016-11-15 09:20:54 | Flyboard® - Hoverboard® - Editor’s pick
Have you seen Back to the Future II, the movie with the hoverboards? Well the world just got a whole lot cooler because they have now been invented in a sense. Not as you see them in the movie, but as a cool new type of water propelled hoverboard

These new boards are great for performing awesome aerial maneuvers like flips and cork screws. These are great for anyone into any of the other X-Generation extreme sports like skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing and any other type of adrenaline pumping sport. Even divers are going to love this new invention as it can be used to glide under water. The new device comes in to great formats; one of them is the hoverboard which looks like one of the flying skateboards from the Back to the Future movies. The other is like a pair of jet pack boots. Both are awesome, and both look to be a blast.

They both are capable of performing crazy tricks of all types, and being that they are fairly new there is room for all sorts of new tricks and talents to be developed, meaning that you can soon be a pioneer of the new fast paced water sport. The both work through water pressure, and shoot out a stream of high pressured water which  can launch one of even two people into the air to extreme heights. The rider can then choose to hover, dive, or perform one of any number of awesome tricks. You can imagine where his can all lead too.

Imagine a legendary skater like Tony Hawk going up against one of the best suffers in history like Kelly Slater. The tricks these guys could deliver on are unseen, and we can only begin to imagine.  And since it’s all done over the water, the chance of injury is almost non-existent. This means you can go as big as you want to and create awesome new styles and tricks that are completely unavailable or doable in other sports of any kind. It’s basically like you can fly over water and then dive down and literally swims like a dolphin before soaring back up in the air to perform an awesome cart wheel or even triple back flip.

The Flyboards where invented in 2011, and are still in development and who knows where they will lead to next. The where invented by the French watercraft rider Franky Zapata. They are quickly becoming a new extreme sports phenomena, and are one of the wildest new inventions you can find on the planet. In order to get one of these awesome new flying toys, you have to complete a full training course in order to purchase and use them.

The beauty of these awesome new boots and boards is they are perfect for anyone regardless of strength. They are fully operational on water pressure so anyone man or women can use them with full functionality.

To clarify what I said before about launching people to extreme heights I meant extreme as in fifteen meters up in the air. Imagine how many crazy tricks and fly byes can be done from a flight that hi. There is no telling what sort of things we are going to see in the near future with these fantastic and fascinating new flying devices.

And don’t worry it’s not hard to get used to using the Flyboard. To use them proper it only takes a little proper instruction, and is really not as hard as some may think. It does help to have some good balance and coordination but other than that, a little know how and instruction with some fun practice is all that is needed to develop the skills of the Flyboard.

Another awesome aspect of the Flyboard is that size doesn’t matter, so weight limits get thrown out the window. One of the requirements for the rider is that the rider must be 18 years old of age or older. Its gaining traction fast as the Flyboard has already sold more than 2500 leads, and is going to take off even faster than we realize.
Wherever you are get ready to see the Flyboard soon.

There is no way that this awesome new invention isn’t going to take off and get noticed by the big heavy hitters in the extreme sports industry. Just wait and see what happens when all of the professional wake boarders see this wonderful new invention.

One thing for sure is that these awesome new watersports are about to take the world by storm and hopefully in time will be recognized as a real sport as they can be used to demonstrate true skill. There is no telling what’s going to happen next, but whatever does it is sure to be totally awesome.