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Safety Skin by PowerFly Products

By Steve - 2016-06-26 03:09:34 | Flyboard®
The Safety Skin was designed to protect various assets for hydroflight sports enthusiast. It has a universal fit for all personal watercraft manufacturers. This inflatable fastens to the front of your jet ski and provides multiple benefits as listed below. Reduces the risk of injury or severity of injury if a flyer impacts the front of the watercraft Protects the front of the watercraft from hose impact Protects the hose from any sharp objects on the front of the watercraft Helps prevent watercraft rollovers If a jet ski roll over occurs, flips the ski upright in the correct direction Can be removed in less than 15 seconds Easy access to front storage compartment Secure mounting system which allows for travel anywhere without removing from watercraft Can be removed and used as a safety sled to tow an injured person back to shore Fits all model watercraft