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How to add your Flyboard spot on the Flycaptain Map

By Steve - 2016-12-02 05:34:48 | iPhone app

This is a short tutorial how to create your spot on the Flycaptain map website and mobile app and get a great exposure for your business for free.

  1. You need to register on the Flycaptain website and have a valid account
  2. Login to your account using your username and password
  3. Make sure your spot is not listed yet on the Flycaptain map
  4. If your spot is not listed go to Add Spot
  5. Select the type and enter the name of your spot and choose the rentals features and options available at this location
  6. You can enter a price, setup your opening time, upload an image as a logo and enter a brief description about this spot
  7. Enter the adress in the google map area and place the pin on the exact right location point
  8. When you are all set click the ADD SPOT NOW button
  9. To edit your spot simply go the Flycaptain map, find your spot click see details and click EDIT SPOT button.

Check out an exemple of a spot with all complete details: French Riviera Water Toys


Q: Your spot is already here but you can not see the edit button.
R: Make sure you are logged into your account. If yes this means the spot was already added by our team and we need to transfer it to your account. Please contact us with your username so you will be able to edit your spot

Q: How do i manage photos and videos to appears on the spot detail page ?
R: All the pictures or videos that are uploaded to the Flycaptain library has a feature to select a SPOT. Select your sport here so the photos or videos will be display on the spot details page.

Q: I added my spot on the website but i do not see it on the Flycaptain App
R: Once your spot is added on the Flycaptain website please contact us so we can publish it on the app

Feel free to contact us using the online chat from our website, we will be please to assist you.