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By EMILIJAM - 2015-12-06 02:11:11 | Flyboard® - Events
Dubai A grand show on water celebrating UAE’s achievements and culture thrilled a huge crowd on Tuesday night, the eve of the 44th National Day (December 2) in Dubai.

Attending the show was Shaikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, senior officials and other dignitaries.

The glittering event was held on the Business Bay canal, on a see-through stage slightly submerged in water, giving the impression of performers walking on water.

During one act, several horses thundered across the platform, kicking up water and drawing huge applause.

It was an honor and a great pleasure to ride the Flyboard® for this amazing show in Dubai for the 44th anniversary of UAE and be part of this family with the official Flyboard Show Team. Big thanks to Stéphane Denis & Zapata Racing. Big up to Emma from Flycaptain for recording this amazing video. Can't wait for the next show with you guys! Powered by Flyboard Show®

Click here to view the event details and view all the pictures and videos.
Official Flyboard® Show By Zapata Racing
  • Artistic Director: Stephane Denis
  • Show Manager: Tania Clarke
  • Assistant: Stéphanie Nepveu
  • Technical Assistant: Simon Desira
  • Technical Assistant: Joanne Desira
  • Technical Assistant: Nicolas Pesnel
  • Flyboard® Rider: Damone Rippy
  • Flyboard® Rider: Simone Careddu
  • Flyboard® Rider: Alex Swamipersad
  • Flyboard® Rider: Remco Weistra
  • Flyboard® Rider: Arnoud Stoppels
  • Flyboard® Rider: Andrew Hickey
  • Flyboard® Rider: Steve
  • Photos & Video: Emilija
  • Drone footage: Steve
  • Video Edit by: