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Franky Zapata Flyboard Air Redbull Air Race with Traakx

By Steve - 2018-04-25 02:22:33 | Flyboard® - Editor’s pick - Events
Franky Zapata flying the Flyboard Air at Redbull Air Race world championship in Cannes Sunday 22th April 2018. Franky was equipped with a Traakx device to analyse his run during his demo. The datas provided are for informations and studies only and may be not accurate.

You can find the complete datas here:

Huge thank to Franky Zapata and Zapata Racing Team to allow us testing our new Traakx device and be able to improve it as much as we can it is a immense honour to be able to work with you.

Thanks to Redbull and the city of Cannes to organise such a cool event! It was the most amazing thing i ever saw in Cannes regarding extreme sport. We can't wait for the next year event !

More details about the Traakx device (coming soon)