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FLYPAD - Floating Platform for Yachts Watersports rentals Hydrosport

By Steve - 2016-04-29 05:15:44 | Flyboard® - Hoverboard® - Editor’s pick
Land and take off with your favorite Hydro Toy like a super hero! FLYPAD® by French Riviera Water Toys - Floating Platform for Yachts Watersports rentals Hydrosport. Click here to download the price list and informations. Special offer for launch! Contact

You and your guests can enjoy a multitude of sports and activities, easily swapping from one to another. Not only does it provide you with a fantastic swim platform, but also an ideal area for sunbathing and relaxing. Covered with a high quality EVA Pad soft surface and made incredibly stable by a unique ballast system, the FLYPAD® platform offers a safe spot for activities on the water.
  • The material we use is called Double Wall Fabric (DWF) or Drop Stitch.
  • DWF is made of 2 layers of coated fabric connected to each other by thousands of small threads.
  • The surface is completely flat.
  • Products from DWF are airtight.
  • The pressure can easily be adapted to your weight and level
  • The FLYPAD®. A great place to have fun in the water with friends and family
  • Inflatable and floating platform
  • Made for durability. Support weight capacity up to 1800 kg (about  4000 lbs). Size L:3m W:3m H:30cm
  • Easy to tow your favorite toys with your PWC and quick setup using the anchor hook
  • 8 handles (2 on each side)
  • Customizable logo and size, make your own FLYPAD®, choose the size, color and logo for the EVA Pad.
  • Strong Ethylene-vinyl acetate rubber like layer to protect your FLYPAD®
  • Connect more FLYPAD® together for more fun
  • Become a super hero, take off and land with style from the FLYPAD® with your favorite hydro toy
  • Designed for Yachts and water sports rentals®
  • Watch the video available here