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By EMILIJAM - 2015-06-04 05:35:17 | Editor’s pick
Our team just loves our home spot in south of France and we wouldn’t trade it in for anything! However during winter season it gets pretty cold and after going few times in the cold water, wearing 5mm wetsuits we decided that we should find winter escape spots where beaches are nice, weather is warm and people like what we love the most - Flyboard!

The search began on Facebook where we announced that we are looking for places to train as well as people to meet to share our passion. It did not take us long to get in touch with Charlie from Flyboard Mexico who was more than happy to welcome us to his amazing spot in Cancun! and we just couldn’t resist the temptation of going to this crazy place that we have heard so much about not to mention meeting all the Flygirls!

Not so long after, we packed our bags and there we were on the beach surrounded by clear blue water and friendly, beautiful people. We met all the gorgeous Flygirls, each one of them have their own style, their own story and together makes a great team. Charlie (owner of Flyboard Mexico) and Miscely (owner of Flygirls) were the most hospitable people that you can wish for that introduced us to all their team and their spots.

Flyboard Mexico has actually two spots: one on the beach and one in the lagoon and you don’t have to worry about not training some days because depending on wind direction you can train in one or the other spot. Everyday training day you are training surrounded with people that are passionate for flyboarding and hoverboarding.  

Aside from flyboarding there is a lot of things that you can do: surfing, diving, going to “Skyzone” (trampoline park) and so much more.

Cancun makes the best flyboard and hoverboard destination because of all that and we spend unforgettable 2 weeks there and we are sure that we will be back there soon.

Check our video that we made to show our great time there. It was very hard to put all what we experienced in few minutes but we hope you like it!