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By Steve - 2015-10-30 12:22:31 |
We started the Flycaptain project in september 2014. We wanted to mesure the Gforce received by the rider while riding the Flyboard® and Hoverboard® by using the latest technology of the iPhone 6 and 6+. Then, while talking several times with Franky we went much further than this like you can see ;) 

The main idea of Flycaptain is to build a worldwide community specialy designed for our sport, the Flyboard®, the Hoverboard® and soon the Jet Pack® by Zapata Racing. An unique place only for us where we can share pictures, videos, discover and learn using a inovative way to understand what Flyboarding and Hoverboarding are all about. With Flycaptain we want to offer smart way for us, ZR machines lovers to track some of the datas and synchronized them with a video, so that can be exported on the website to compare yourself with the best riders in the world. We have spent the last 4 months working hard with Damone Rippy recording different tricks for the Flyboard® and Hoverboard®, in slow motion. Damone personally explain how to practice every tricks. What kind of best tips we can offer than that ? :) 

We created all the pro riders Flyers profile that attempted at least 1 competition in PRO, LADIES and VETERANS so that we can keep all the records and ranking from different competitions. You may find few of the pictures or videos taken at this event on your profile. So if you are a PRO rider, your profile is already created on Flycaptain. Simply contact Emma to she will be happy to help you and gives you the authentification details so you can use your account.

Unfortunately the Runs section is empty for now, we wanted to start with all datas cleared. But we will start recording new runs very soon again so you can have a look of this amazing section. And do not forget that you can do it too!

Here is a short preview of what Flycaptain is all about:
  • A powerfull Community where all Flyboarder and Hoverboarder addicts share their passion
  • Complete introduction about the Flyboard® and Hoverboard®
  • Share or browse Flyboard® and Hoverboard® pictures
  • Share or browse Flyboard® and Hoverboard® videos
  • Discover or understand how to make Flyboard® or Hoverboard® tricks by watching our videos and explications
  • Find out particular Flyboard® or Hoverboard® terms in the Lexicon, or add yours
  • World first iPhone app dedicated to the Flyboard® and Hoverboard® allowing to mesure the G-Force, speed, altitude and much more while you are riding any Zapata Racing machine
  • Check, share, comments, like the latest pictures shared by the Flycaptain members directly on your iPhone using the Flycaptain app in Timeline.
  • Export your runs and compare yourself with the world best riders
  • Look for new friends or check out some of the best pro riders profile in the members area
  • Spots is a great way to find the best Flyboard and Hoverboard spots near  you. If you have a Flyboard rental business you can add your own spot for free!
  • Stay in touch with the latest Flyboard® and Hoverboard® events worldwide. Find out all the official events or simply add yours to bring more people to your party!
  • The forum is a great way to communicate all together
  • Flycaptain is an official reseller of Zapata Racing products. The online store contain all the latest Zapata Racing innovations including the latest Flycaptain products.
  • We will keep working on the Blog to publish frequent news about the Flyboard® and Hoverboard® community
  • As you can see Flycaptain is available in English and French. A fully translated website.
Everyone can create an account on Flycaptain and everything is free to use. Customize your profile and browse between all the different features, meet new friends, create your own event, add your own spot and much more!

We are based in south of France this summer, please take a look at our VIP services, we are launching different new services like Flycaptain showsYacht servicesFlycaptain School or Flycaptain Beach, only available on the French Riviera the entire summer until 15th August 2015.

I personally thanks all the people involved in the Flycaptain project which have worked really hard the last 8 months to be able to publish the perfect website as we wanted. A big up to Thomas Gayet (Art Director), every single pixel you see on Flycaptain has been draw by him and much more, tee shirts, all the goodies for the events, design of the app, logo etc... A special thanks to Emma to follow me in another crazy project and taking such nice pictures and video, every single pictures or videos available on Flycaptain has been taken by her. Big up to Cristi (Chief Developer) and all the developer team for creating everything from scratch. Big up to Manue for joining us in this new project and taking care of the beach, we can not wait to get it started.

The last words and thanks will be for Zapata Racing. Thank you so much Franky and Krystel and all the ZR crew for creating such nice flying machines, thank you for your trust and help for the Flycaptain project, thank you to have open your doors to "excited strangers", that would never has been possible without you.

Now that we are finally online we will be able to focus on how to improve Flycaptain as much as we can, together, like a family, the Flyboard® family. Meanwhile we let you discover the Flycaptain project by browsing the website and testing the iPhone app. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed it created it.

We are off to the Breitling Flyboard Family!
The Flycaptain crew.