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By EMILIJAM - 2015-06-09 03:42:30 | Flyboard® - Hoverboard®
After spending amazing time in Cancun with Flyboard Mexico, Flycaptain kept exploring places to train around North America so we stay close to venue of North American Flyboard Championship 2015. We decided to try out one of the Caribbean islands: Saint-Martin. 

We were lucky to find people that were more than happy to welcome us and help us with the things we needed in order to keep our training as intensive as we wanted especially when competition was just around the corner.

We want to say special thanks to Mercure Hotel for their hospitality. The place that hotel is located is just perfect for flyboarding: right on the lagoon of the island that has sandy beach in front and marina where we can keep our jet and have everything “right there” for flying.

Big thanks go to JetExtreme that has water sport spot in the hotel and infrastructure of everything as never seen. We learned from them a lot! They help and supports us each our training day!

With all these guys we get to explore all the island and train in many amazing beaches! This place truly makes training much more easier and more fun! 

We will leave just before NAFBC but we definitely will be back after the summer and we cannot wait to share our big plans in this island in few months! Stay tuned!