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Flycaptain Team got delivery of the new SEALVER Waveboat 656 Flycaptain Edition

By Steve - 2015-10-29 11:48:37 |
Today we went for another road trip, this time in west of France near Bordeaux. We went to pick up our Flycaptain edition waveboat 656 made by SEALVER. This is an unique concept specially made for the Flyboard®, made in France to allow your PWC to transform into a very nice boat. Perfect for us Flyboarders, to transport all our equipement and go ride our Zapata Racing toys around the french riviera coast. Here is a short video of our test ride in a lake on the east part of France. Much more video will come soon. Special Thanks to SEALVER for giving us this opotunity and the hard work made. We love our waveboat 656!