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Flyboard training with Franky Zapata the inventor of Zapata Racing

By Steve - 2017-03-18 10:02:56 | Flyboard®
We had the chance to ride with Franky Zapata who made a huge demonstration of the Flyboard Pro Series by Zapata Racing. If Franky would decide to participate in the Flyboard competitions he would do a lot of troubles to the today Flyboard super stars :) Franky has it's own style, it's easy to recognize him, really aggressive, fast, powerful and precise. The low and powerfull backflips, we can see superb spin dolphin dive, Double backflip, spin backflip, he does everything ... This video was shot in October 2015 but we just released it today. We let you imagine the level of Franky now on the Flyboard Pro Series. Soon the first backflip on the Flyboard Air Franky? :)