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Flyboard & Hoverboard by ZR Safety Gear

By Emma - 2014-11-16 05:06:43 | Flyboard® - Hoverboard® - Editor’s pick
Aside from the technical part of the flyboarding and hoverboarding gear there is some safety gear that you need when making this sport. For those of you that goes to the school for first time lessons, you do not need to bring anything aside from your bathing suit as all will be given by the instructor. A personal floatation device (PFD) is an essential safety item when flyboarding and hoverboarding. What you would look for is Impact Bouyancy Vest. They are a little bit lighter than lifejackets (impact vest normally have 50N-100N buoyancy aid*, while lifejackets from 100N-275N) but designed with mobility in mind.


Impact vest have 3 different styles so you can choose which one you like
  • Over the head vest, where the one-piece vest is pulled on over the head.
  • Front zip jacket, where the buoyancy aid is worn like a regular jacket, zipped up at the front (FlyCaptain style in the picture)
  • Side zip is a combination of the other two, with a zip on the side rather than along the front. The added gap in one side makes it easier to get the vest on, and means that the front buoyancy can be one whole piece.
  • It is very important that vest would fit you well so try it out before purchasing. It has to be tight as it tend to stretch when in water, so you don’t want to have big air gab between you and the jacket. Try different styles and brands in the shop before purchasing online so you have a perfect fit.
*A buoyancy aid is a garment or device with an inherently buoyant material that helps the wearer to remain afloat when in the water.


Safety first. Even thought Hoverboarding and flyboarding are very safe sports the helmet is a must to have when doing it. Any kind of water sport helmet will go. The most common ones are for wake boarding. You might want to get the one that fully covers your ears (to protect water going directly into them). If it doesn’t protect the ears, you can just use earplugs. Some people use soft shell helmets as they are not so hard when you dive with flyboard but normally if hard shell helmet fits you well, you should not feel any discomfort. Now that you have the correct size, it’s important to make sure the wakeboard helmet fits properly and will protect you. The wakeboard helmet should fit snugly and touch your head the entire way around. It should stay in place even if you shake or move.


Well for those of you that are located in places like I have mentioned on my pervious post, wetsuits are not necessary. However for guys like us where water temperature is much lower than air temperature we definatly need it.
This thing will keep you warm while in the water so you won’t need to go to the cost to warm yourself up every 30mins. Can get any kind, its all good: short or long, think or winter one. Just choose the one that fits the weather conditions and helps you move freely. Some guys buy just a bodysuits that are not made for keeping body warm but for protection in case there are jellyfish or corals. Also you can use it in order to avoid sunburn.


Again this is more for those that are located in northern part of the world. This jacket becomes very useful when you are either on the jet ski or you making turns with your friend to do the hoverboarding or flyboarding. It will keep you warm and protect from wind so when your turn arrives, you ready to get into that water and show your skills. On the left side you see me with one jacket like this :)