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6 x 30 minutes to learn the Hoverboard by Zapata Racing and do few tricks

By Steve - 2014-09-01 03:24:21 | Hoverboard® - Editor’s pick

DAY1 | This is our 1st try with the Hoverboard powered by Zapata racing. Amazing teacher Manue from This is a must try for all riders, snowboarder, wakeboarder, skater etc… Hoverboard is SICK!!! More to come soon! We are going back tomorrow !

DAY2 | Second 30 minutes hoverboard session today with Manue at We start to feel more confortable with the board. It’s amazing to try tricks on the water. Remember when you fail at snowboard ?? Try hoverboard and forget about it :)

DAY3 | This is our 3rd time on the hoverboard powered by Zapata racing. Super cool teacher Manue from is kicking the hoverboard ! Alex also came for a short session. Hoverboard in south of france. Antibes, villeneuve-Loubet plage. More to come soon.

DAY4 | Amazing today with Manue at ! i started to place few tricks. I can’t wait to go again and again !!! I’m really in love with hoverboard :) Emma feel much more confortable with the board now. We must keep trying and trying!!! Hoverboard by zapata racing. Spot: Antibes, Villeneuve-Loubet, South of France. French riviera.

DAY5 | Today really start to enjoy few tricks. Manue is non stop giving the good advice how to fix our problems cause we have many. This Hoverboard by zapata racing is really crazy thing! Check this out and more to come soon.

DAY6 | Emma is doing lot of progress and enjoying riding on the right side :) Steve finally managed to make a cool 720° (2spins) with the camera in hand. This was our 6th try of the Hoverboard powered by Zapata Racing. The hoverbaord is really crazy feelings once you ride it one time you can NEVER STOP!!! Big thanks to Manue for her professional teaching skills!