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By EMILIJAM - 2015-06-04 06:03:28 | Flyboard® - Events
Three days of Pro Flyboarders competing for the world champions title and family reunion in one of the most beautiful cities in the world - Dubai, once again annual Flyboard World Cup was an amazing event.

Competition was held in protected area next to SkyDive Dubai centre. Since 5th Dubai International Parachuting Championship was held during same days, all the viewers got to see 2 extreme sports competitions in one place. Not to mention an incredible aero show that was happening every evening.

This years competition had a record of competitors as 2 other categories (ladies and veterans) were introduced. The rules to be selected were the same as for 2013. Everybody had to send 2 mins short video to Zapata Racing showing off their skills.

All the athletes got to choose whether they want to have a PWC pilot or to use new Wireless EMK by Zapata Racing. Since Wireless EMK was not for sell before the competition, all the flyers that have chosen to fly with it, had their first try on qualification round. However most of the riders have chosen to try EMK due to the fact that this gave them more control and it increases chances of winning. (if same trick is executed by two flyers, the flyer that use EMK gets more points than the one with PWC pilot)

The competition was divided to 6 parts:
- Qualification (each flyer had 1 min to show 5 different figures);
- Top 32 (pro), top 8 (Ladies and veterans) rounds (battle round, where rider with highest points from qualifications go agains rider with lowest points);
- Top 16 (pro), top 4 (ladies and veterans) rounds (battle round);
- Top 8 (pro);
- Top 4 (pro);
- Finals for all categories.

After intense 3 days final results of competition (FULL LIST):

Pro Category
1. Suksan Tongthai (Thailand)
2. Damone Rippy (USA)
3. Jake Orel (USA)
4. Stephane Prayas (France)

Ladies Category
1. Da-Yeob Kim (South Korea)
2. Stephanie Wells (Canada)
3. Yolanda Baker (USA)
4. Claudia Osternaud (France)

Veteran Category
1. Laurent Calliot (France)
2. Martin Von Stedingk (Sweden)
3. Dong-Won Yang (South Korea)
4. Antonio Martinez-Yague (Spain)

All first, second, third place winners of all categories received money prices and of course first place PRO rider category winner Suksan Tongthai received his second Gold Flyboard trophy and the title of World Flyboard Champion.

XDubai Flyboard World Cup closed after amazing night flyboard and hoverboard show prepared by

Please check video of top flyers below and if you have any questions about 2014 XDubai Flyboard World Cup or about the upcoming one, write a comment and I will be happy to answer.