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By Akam - 2015-10-30 12:20:00 | Editor’s pick - iPhone app
To be honest, it's not exactly the first run because we have made a tons of runs before finalizing the application. But today we posted a new run on made with the Flycaptain iPhone application. To start to go deeper on how to use the application, we will explain here how to do it and what settings we used. 
  • First of all when you start to record a new run in the Flycaptain Application you have to set a name for the ride
  • On the same screen select the type of machine (Flyboard® in this case) and then if you want to take pictures or videos during the run. 
  • We used the video option and inside the new screen that opens, we selected the GoPro option that allow the application to syncrhonize with your GoPro (first you have to activate the GoPro and enable the Wifi option). When you type on the GoPro icon in the app it asks you the password of the GoPro wifi. Type it. 
  • The settings are done, touch now the button "Let's fly",  the record of the run start. 
  • We put the iPhone in a waterproof case and then in a armband around the legs of the rider. The rider make his run and at the end, touch the button stop to stop the recording of the run. 
  • If you used the GoPro option like for this run a message will ask you if you want to get the video from the GoPro now or later. Be sure to have the iPhone close to the GoPro to get the video faster. 
  • The run is now available in your iPhone application, you can have a look at all the datas captured during the runs, G-Force, Altitude, speed, trace on google map, videos synchronized with the run, global stats....
  • When you are in the run details in the Flycaptain application, touch the Flycaptain logo at the bottom right to share the video on Flycaptain. The application will ask you you username and password for your Flycaptain account and then the username and password for your youtube account (the videos are always uploaded to your youtube account). If there is no videos in your run, the youtube account will be not asked by the application.
And that's it ! the full runs and details are now available on Flycaptain website in your account ! Ready to compare to other runs ! The website also analyzed the datas and give a worldwide rank to the run (compared to the other ones on Flycaptain). You can see here the result. 

We hope to see very soon tons of your runs guys ;) Let's have fun !